CLIENT: GEM Electrical Contracting

OWNER: Jose Moreno

ANNUAL SALES: $2-3 Million




Located in Clifton, New Jersey, GEM Electrical Contracting is a premier electrical contractor for industrial and commercial electrical services in Northern New Jersey.
The owner, Jose Moreno, was interested in creating more clients in the industrial sector but lacked the resources to do this. They needed a partner to design and manage an effective marketing campaign to build their pipeline of project opportunities. In early 2019, they hired ascent consulting for this initiative.


Ascent began by working with GEM to define the desired outcomes of the strategic marketing campaign: types of desired clients, geographic area, types of work and projects they wished to pursue. We also discussed and developed GEM’s unique value proposition, what distinguishes them from their competition, and their successful project history. By examining the many aspects of GEM, we crafted a personalized strategic marketing campaign designed to connect with and appeal to their ideal clients.



Now that we had a strategy, it was time to build out the components required to support the campaign. Ascent crafted a new website that showcased GEM’s project portfolio, expertise, and services, specifically catering to the industrial market sector. All website content was developed to align with our SEO research into keywords that GEM’s ideal clients might search for on-line.

In order to directly reach the target audience, Ascent sourced a list of industrial facilities that met GEM’s parameters and desired geography.

Next, Ascent created multiple email campaigns that highlighted GEM’s electrical experience and service offerings. For additional impact, these services were aligned with the types of projects that perspective clients would typically encounter in their operations.



To compliment the email campaigns, Ascent designed a multi-stage physical mail campaign for GEM’s audience. The mailings were sequences with the email campaigns, helping to ensure that GEM’s messaging was received by their target audience.

Ascent created and published valuable content on multiple social media platforms for GEM. These posts included industry news, GEM’s ongoing projects, and relevant content that would appeal to their ideal clients.

As the marketing campaign launched and went live, Ascent generated monthly analytics reports to measure the effectiveness of the campaign and made adjustments to the strategy, timing and execution based on real data.


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By the end of our project, Ascent’s work on GEM’s website & marketing campaign resulted in:


increase in overall web traffic


increase in organic traffic


increase in sessions per month


increase in views per month

Overall, the campaign resulted in a dramatic increase in the volume of project opportunities, both from existing and new clients. This diversified GEM’s revenue stream and expanded their client base.

While GEM’s annual revenue remained steady from 2018 to 2019, they added several new clients and had secured enough work for a 6 month backlog in 2020. The increased demand for their services also shifted them into an expansion mode and created a need to recruit additional talent for their workforce before taking on more projects.

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