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The Client is a residential concrete contractor performing over $2 million annually replacing residential driveways and performing minor masonry work in the Metro-Atlanta area. The owner has over 20 years in the concrete business, including owning and operating his own firm since 2001.
The Client's business has expanded in recent years, but its original processes and procedures were outdated, making it almost impossible to properly manage their current workload and accurately calculate profitability. The office was chaotic with no clear-cut lines of responsibility. Ascent was asked to:
  1. Develop specific roles and responsibilities for management, office staff and field personnel
  2. Establish processes and procedures for getting work done
  3. Conduct a financial analysis to improve the bottom line


A failure to define roles and responsibilities was a key contributor to the chaos enveloping the Client's company. The Owner's phone was ringing nonstop with calls from customers, vendors, suppliers and delivery people. He was trying to project manage and coordinate all his work, while his associate was doing the same with his own projects. With no system in place, overlap was significant and items were falling through the cracks.

  • Ascent stepped in and established a Process Workflow System for all project areas including Sales Calls, Job Scheduling, Materials Ordering, Customer Payments and more. One person/role was assigned responsibility for each area and task to avoid confusion and increase efficiency.
  • Ascent identified six key individuals in its Workflow System - customer, project coordinator, owner, field worker, bookkeeper and vendor. All tasks were listed with each person’s role specified.
For example, Customer Payments, which is a crucial process, was not being managed well. This became a serious issue, especially for partial payments on large jobs. Tight parameters were clarified and simplified so that this task could be performed consistently and accurately every time, ensuring nothing would be missed.